Translation and multilateral decoding

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05/26/2018 09:19


The pentaquark insight section was deleted. A new section was created titled "AMPHION'S SECRET".
06/07/2014 23:16

Second side translation

After presenting the translation of side A' , I decided to add the translation of the other side. This way one can get a better idea of the overall scope of this disk. 
04/29/2014 12:23


New sections have been created today to present Arkalochori Axe and Malia altar stone translations based on the Phaistos disk decoding.
04/27/2014 14:45


To better document the fact that the Phaistos disk script is not in fact unique, this web site has been updated to include a section reading and interpreting seal fragment HM 992.
03/23/2014 04:08

Website launched

My new website has been launched today. I have started this new presentation because non Hellenic speaking Phaistos disk fans cannot read my book that deals extensively with this issue.

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