Translation and multilateral decoding

Arkalochori Axe


The bronze Arkalochori Axe, is a second millennium BC Minoan votive double axe excavated by Spyridon Marinatos in 1934 in the Arkalochori cave on Crete which is believed to be part of a religious ritual. It is inscribed with fifteen symbols. It has been suggested that these might be of the Linear A writing system, although some scholars disagree. The axe, as also the Phaistos Disc are conserved in the Iraklion Archaeological Museum.



We believe the Arkalochori Axe is inscribed with the same syllabic script used on the Phaistos disk. The differences are only stylistic, the hieroglyphs in other words are a bit simplified/sketchy. Using thus the Phaistos disk phonetic values we can read the Arkalochori Axe text as follows:



The most important test for determining if a writing system decipherment is correct is to check if it leads to intelligible text in other inscriptions. I think it is safe to say that in this case the Arkalochori Axe passes the Phaistos disk correlation test. 




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