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Menkaure Pyramid Summer Solstice Alignment



The scope of this paper is to show that the placement of the three large pyramids of Giza, as also the height of the last one erected, was planned so that when a person stands in the triangle incenter formed by the center base position of these three pyramids, then given the date is the Summer Solstice of the archeologically accepted epoch that the last pyramid was completed, he would watch in the afternoon the Sun set exactly over the apex of this (Menkaure's) pyramid. In this paper using the latest geodetic data presented by Glen Dash, we investigate the accuracy of this scenario, taking into account among other things, local altitude data, horizontal dip, terrestrial and astronomical refraction, as also Earth obliquity and nutation periodicity. The results are compared to relative calculations performed with the assistance of popular astronomy software. We also compute the solar alignment divergence in our epoch.  


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